This is a package of 1 x SoundBox and our bundled ELAC speaker set for those that do not own speakers. If you would like to talk to us about other speaker options from ELAC, please contact us here

SoundBox Includes:

  • 1 x SoundBox
  • 1 x Power Lead
  • 1 x Power Supply
  • 1 x 3.5mm to RCA cable (2.5m)
  • 1 x Quickstart Guide

Speakers Includes:

  • 2 x ELAC Debut 2.0 DF52 Floorstanding Speakers
  • 2 x ELAC Debut 2.0 DB52 Bookshelf Speakers
  • 1 x ELAC SUB3010 10″ Powered Subwoofer with AutoEQ
  • 2 x 10m speaker wire for rear speakers
  • 2 x 2.5m speaker wire for front front speakers
  • 1 x 10m cable for Subwoofer

Please see our Speakers page for details and options.

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ELAC's subwoofers are designed as the perfect complement to your speakers, adding a powerful bass foundation to music and soundtracks that turns your system into a sensation you can feel and hear.